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TUNZ Pharma delivers solutions born from
medical practice needs.

Our Story

Aging is something that we humans cannot escape, and as we get older, so too do our body tissues.
Sometimes body tissues age faster than they should, and means are needed to regenerate those tissues. We believe that the answer lies in regenerative medicine.
Japan has long been a world leader in regenerative medicine research, but is now beginning to lose that edge to other countries.
To meet this challenge, we decided to leverage the knowhow of the Tokai University School of Medicine to create a world-leading pharmaceutical company.

Our Story

Our Aim

TUNZ Pharma aims to develop new medical care born from the needs of medical practice that helps to boost individual quality of life.
For example, a huge number of people suffer from back pain. It’s a cross-generational condition found in everyone from adolescents getting into sport right through to the elderly. Not only can it stop people working, but if it continues, it can result in tissue damage and chronic pain, which may lead to mental disorders. With the super-aging now occurring in Japanese society, addressing back pain has become an urgent issue in medical care.
When body tissues age at an abnormal pace, outstripping the body’s ability to heal itself, radical treatments are required. One feature of regenerative medicine is its ability to repair tissue damage suffered at an early age due to sport or work, for example, and restore the normal aging process. This is where TUNZ Pharma believes that there is no time to waste in advancing regenerative medicine research and developing practical applications.
TUNZ Pharma will go directly to medical practice to identify needs and feed the necessary technologies back into society.

Our Aim Our Aim

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